Young RRISErs

Young RRISErs set the standard for exemplary studying, leading, and learning. They are the epitome of hard work, dedication, passion, and commitment. They care more, plan more, ask more, initiate more, collaborate more, and share more. They go above and beyond what is expected of them. Young RRISErs are teachable and always willing to learn more. Not only do we need them, we look to them to inspire hope and agency at their school site and within their community.

Young RRISErs truly complement 21st century learning. It goes without saying that Young RRISErs embrace RRISEing opportunities to make a difference in the world. These Young RRISErs forge pathways that foster success, perseverance, and resilience. Young RRISErs are unapologetic about taking a stand for environmental, social, and economic injustices.

RRISE Up and use these resources to advance environmental, social, and economic initiatives at your school site and within your community.


What does it look like to RRISE UP?

Meet Román Zaragoza, who is a gifted performer, artist, and current producer of "This is Their Land." Román chooses to use his platform to elevate the untold stories of indigenous peoples, their practices, and their resilience in the U.S. Think about how you will use your voice to speak up about issues that you care about to humanize the problem. We all have the power within us to take action and to be the change we've been waiting for. Thank you Román for your leadership.

A special message from Román: This past year has been a rough one for all of us, but one silver lining has been the rising of young voices surrounding injustice and inclusion. I am proud to be Mixed-Race and am sending love to all my other mixed race folks out there. Keep fighting for what's right and keep striving to love yourself more. Self-love is the key to community.

This is Their Land

Check out the power of storytelling by these empowered CSUN students using crowdfunding to shed light on the Modoc War to elevate the stories and voices of the Modoc people in ways never before seen. Dr. Le’s former student is the incredibly gifted producer of this film (Román Zaragoza).

What is Environmental Justice Anyway?

In order for us to take action on environmental injustices in our communities, we need to learn about what it is and challenge ourselves to have a courageous conversations about what we’ve learned today.


Youth to Power

Calling all young people who are ready to speak out and take action on environmental, social, or economic injustices in your community. Get a copy of Jamie’s book to start your leadership journey!

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