Students K-16

Hello Young RRISEr! We are so excited to meet you and connect you with fellow Young RRISErs who want to take action on environmental, social, and economic injustices in your community! We are constantly developing ways to help students RRISE UP for issues they care most about that directly impact their lives. You are closest to the problem and you are also the closest to the solution.

Think about your strengths and what level of action you want to take. Activate your agency as a...

Speaker - You have or want to build skills to talk about the issues that you’re most passionate about.

Educator - You want to learn more or teach other Young RRISErs about these issues to amplify our collective impact.

Leader - You are ready to help other Young RRISErs to take action in meaningful ways in their communities and have great ideas to share with other young leaders.

Complete the application on this page to join our student network and get announcements on community events, ways to engage, and qualify for mini-scholarships.

In this hub, you will get access to highlighted resources, upcoming events to connect with the community, scholarship opportunities, and ways to develop as a chapter leader. Welcome to the RRISE UP network! We are stronger together.

Young RRISErs Taking Action

Young RRIsers Action

Call for Student Project Proposals!

Calling all K-16 students who are ready to RRISE UP and take action on environmental, social, or economic injustices in your community. We are funding meaningful school and community projects up to $300! Send us a proposal for what you would do with the money and how it would make a difference (big or small) for your school or community. 

Here are some ideas to get the wheels turning, but we encourage creative thinking! 

  • Start and rally support for a school or community vertical gardens for access to healthy foods.
  • Start a beach clean up crew.
  • Teach other students at your school about environmental issues you care about.
  • Start a school environmental sustainability club. 
  • Use the money to launch a school or community initiative. 
  • Help your community restaurants move to sustainable practices. 
  • Start a food and clothing drive for the homeless in your community. 
  • Host a STEM event for your community.


Access resources for Young RRISErs here!

Scholarship Opportunities


Announcing First Gen Scholarships!

RRISE Up’s First Gen Scholarships are designed to support students whose parent(s) did not complete a four-year college or university degree. These scholarships are specifically for First Gen High School Seniors enrolling in college during the fall semester immediately upon graduating. 

We know that preparing for college and navigating through various educational systems can be daunting for First Gen students. We also know that a kind gesture goes a long way. Scholarships will be awarded to First Gen students who RRISE UP for environmental, social, and economic justice.

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