Project-Based Learning

What inspired you to write this book Acacia?

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Dr. Acacia M. Warren

Think about your K-12 schooling experience. How often did you engage in research and inquiry around a topic that you were truly excited about? As early as kindergarten, I was fond of sports, Michelangelo, traveling, holidays, food and different cultures. However, I rarely got the opportunity to study topics in school that were relevant and interesting to me. Once I had the means to inspire change in pedagogical practices, it became my passion to do so. I turned my dissertation on project-based learning (PBL) into a published book. I wanted to equip educators with a turnkey, cost-effective curriculum that accounts for planning, managing and assessing PBL. My intentions were to create an interdisciplinary PBL model that motivates students, amplifies student potential, and transforms instruction. The ultimate goal? Push the boundaries of what’s possible for teaching and learning.

As schools experience unparalleled cultural, linguistic, and ethnic diversity, educators are tasked with contextualizing learning for various student populations. Responding to these diverse needs is paramount if schools are to equitably serve all students. When equity is at the center of learning, all students benefit. PBL is one model for reducing curricular barriers and enhancing equity through exposure and opportunity. Allowing students to engage in authentic, student-centered experiences expands their ability to think creatively and innovatively. PBL is one avenue for cultivating these outcomes. Students develop their own understanding of the world through inquiry, research, problem-solving, reflecting and presenting content. Students go deeper for conceptual knowledge because they can study any topic, in any discipline. Equally important is integrating the arts and raising awareness around environmental, social, and economic issues. PBL offers a balanced education that elevates student consciousness around critical issues.

RRISE UP and foster an unforgettable PBL experience for today’s youth.

Project-Based Learning Across The Disciplines

By Acacia M. Warren

Plan, Manage and Assess Through +1 Pedagogy
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Project-Based Learning Presentation

Project-Based Learning Unit

Trouble with Black Boys

This is what Dr. Warren is reading this month.

Pedro A. Noguera - “The Trouble with Black Boys...” because the pressures, stereotypes, and patterns of failure that Black males experience often begin in school. Throughout the United States, Black males are more likely than any other group in American society to be punished, labeled, categorized for special education, and to experience academic failure.

What can we do? Understanding and debunking racial stereotypes, breaking down racial separations, and challenging the hidden curriculum are challenges not just for teachers but for principals, administrators, and entire school communities. Get the book and support authors who identify with, relate to, and use their agency to support marginalized groups in society.

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This is what Dr. Warren is reading this month.

Delvin Warren - Itty Bitty Boat Boat Boat 

This STEAM book is designed to educate and introduce kids to the exciting world of shipping and maritime careers. Kids will enjoy learning about different boats and the cargo they transport. The book includes a QR code with the Itty Bitty Boat song. Kids can listen to the song as they read. Have fun as you journey into the maritime world! Bon voyage!

Itty Bitty Boat Boat Boat is inclusive, enjoyable, colorful, and a MUST read for students, teachers, and parents. The STEAMC chart, maritime careers, and glossary of terms are great resources that are included in the book. Get the book and support Black authors who identify with, relate to, and use their agency to highlight marginalized groups in society. Click here to learn more about the author and illustrator (Montae Scott).

2023 Events

CUE 2023
March 17, 2023

Meet the Authors - Featuring Dr. Acacia Warren

Palm Springs Convention Center

Join us in Palm Springs for the ultimate educator experience! Be inspired, connect with fellow educators, and learn about the latest ideas in teaching and learning and the best educational technology for your classroom!

Dr. Warren will speak on a panel with other authors on March 17th. She will discuss her book on project-based learning and share insights about integrating technology into the classroom. Click here to watch a special edition of Meet the Authors on YouTube with Dr. Warren!

2022 Events

NABSE 2022
50th Annual NABSE Conference - December 1, 2022

Advancing Literacy, Social Justice, and Inclusion Through Project-Based Learning

Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center - National Harbor, Maryland

Dr. Warren will provide K-12 educators with a PBL framework that reimagines literacy (traditional and digital) through diverse interests and social justice topics. This workshop addresses the current literacy crisis within Black communities. Attendees will learn now to integrate high interest reading materials (i.e., sports and entertainment, fashion, social unrest, social media, and travel), action research and methodology that targets the strongest predictors of student achievement. 

NABSE = National Alliance of Black School Educators

AERA 2022
April 22, 2022

Educators' Perceptions of Middle Level Education in a State Without a Middle Level Teacher Credential

San Diego Convention Center

Dr. Warren and her team of co-presenters will present a roundtable discussion on the topic of Middle Level Education. They will present their research on proposing a Middle Level Credential (Grades 6-8) for California. Currently, 45 States offer this credential - California does not. Click here for the article (p. 14) that Dr. Warren co-authored. 

It's important that we RRISE UP with other educators to advance our causes. 

CCTE Spring
March 7 & 8, 2022

Educators' Perceptions of Middle Level Education in a State Without a Middle Level Teacher Credential

Citizen Hotel in Sacramento

Dr. Warren is heading to the California State Capital to meet with policymakers from various legislative offices to generate conversations related to a new Middle Level Credential (Grades 6-8) for California. Currently, 45 States offer this credential - California does not. Click here for the article (p. 14) that Dr. Warren co-authored. 

It's important that we RRISE UP with policymakers to advance our causes. 

Click here to find your CA State Legislature

Click here for the CA Senate Education Committee

Click here for the CA Assembly Education Committee

Click here for an Overview of the Legislative Process

March 30, 2022 - 4:45 pm to 6:45 pm

Advancing Multilingualism, Equity, and Social Justice Through Project-Based Learning

2-Hour Institute - Brochure 

Dr. Warren will lead this institute/workshop to maximize teacher collaboration in designing an interdisciplinary project-based learning unit that advances multilingualism, equity, and social justice. Participants will explore the +1 Pedagogy framework in greater depth as they create a PBL unit for any topic in any discipline. Participants will be inspired to reimagine student agency, action research, and 21st Century Skills for the post-COVID classroom. A Google folder with sample units, templates, and resources from Dr. Warren’s book will be shared.

Participants can enter a raffle to receive Dr. Warren’s book.

This workshop embraces the principles set by the California Department of Education's description of equity:"Ensuring equity in education is a necessary component in narrowing the achievement gap. Teachers and school leaders ensure equity by recognizing, respecting, and attending to the diverse strengths and challenges of the students they serve. High-quality schools are able to differentiate instruction, services, and resource distribution to respond effectively to the diverse needs of their students, with the aim of ensuring that all students are able to learn and thrive."

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