Hello RRISEing Leaders! We are so excited to meet you and connect you with fellow educational leaders who want to take action on environmental, social, and economic injustices in your school districts! We are constantly developing ways to help educational leaders RRISE UP for issues they care most about that directly impact the community. We know the power that leaders have in changing systems that are most impacted by a history of environmental racism through education. We are here to support you in those efforts and to create networking spaces that will build capacity and amplify this work.

Think about your strengths and what level of action you want to take. Activate your agency through speaking, teaching, or leading!

Speaker - You have or want to build skills to talk about environmental, social, and economic injustices that impact your educators/schools.
Educator - You want to learn more or teach other RRISEing leaders about these issues to amplify our collective impact.
Leader - You are ready to help other RRISEing leaders to take action in meaningful ways in their schools/community.

Complete the application on this page to join our leadership network and get announcements on community events and ways to engage.

In this hub, you will get access to highlighted resources and upcoming events to connect with the leadership community. Welcome to the network! Together we will RRISE UP.


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RRISEing Leadership Professional Networking Events Coming Soon!

We are excited to bring you online professional learning and networking opportunities soon! For now, please share about our student and teacher events.

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