STEM Mentoring Program

RRISE UP’s STEM Mentoring Program is designed to foster and partner first generation, BIPOC, low-SES students living in marginalized communities, who are currently in college, to mentor grades 6-12 students who share the same upbringing. This program will focus on providing mentorship through yearlong capacity building efforts, academic support where needed, as well as resources needed to navigate through the public educational system in preparation for success in college in STEM fields.

Meet Our STEM Mentoring Team!

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Mr. John Le, Program Director

Mr. Le is a First Generation student from the inner cities of Los Angeles and a two time Bruin. He has served as a high school math teacher, department chair, UCLA guiding teacher, district course lead, and in several leadership roles. He also has experience as a university field supervisor, new math course developer, and great success in helping marginalized youth successfully pass the AP Calc exam through mentorship and academic support. His focus has been on teaching and leading in historically marginalized communities.



STEM Mentor
UCLA, Neuroscience
I could not have graduated from my Title 1 high school and enter into a 4-year college without the help of my advisors. By mentoring students, I am able to give back to my community. Together we can accomplish so much more.



STEM Mentor
I am a First Gen who was raised in a low socioeconomic community and my experience navigating through UCLA was difficult. However, with the help and support of my own mentors, I was provided the resources and opportunities that allowed me to succeed in school. I want to give back and help others succeed and accomplish their goals too.



STEM Mentor
Whether we are prepared or not, life comes with many trials and tribulations. Students are required to fulfill every expectation despite potential lack of support or resources. I want to use the challenges I have overcome to support other marginalized students to succeed as well.



STEM Mentor
UCI, Biological Sciences
Being a first generation and woman of color who entering the STEM field, I wish to be a guiding post to those of similar backgrounds. I hope to help lead through everything from the technical jargon of financial aid packages to the realities of experiencing failures. My intentions would be to give students the resources and knowledge to fuel their academic success, but to also prioritize mental well-being through such a rigorous time.



STEM Mentor
UCLA, Mechanical Engineering
One of my most memorable experiences at UCLA was being able to presented science demos to elementary school students in Inglewood. I know that students have what it takes to become successful and pursue a STEM career, with someone like me to help foster their excitement and sense of wonder.



STEM Mentor
My experience navigating higher education and coming from an underserved community is what fueled my passion for education. I want to help others feel comfortable in spaces that are not historically inclusive of BIPOC, low income, and first generation students, so that they can have the tools and resources necessary to thrive.



STEM Mentor
Growing up, it was difficult for me to find a role model or mentor. I want to be that person for students by sharing my knowledge to help guide students who feel lost or might not have someone to turn to. It's important for me to help other students succeed by providing the guidance I needed when I was younger.



STEM Mentor
ECC, CSULB, USC (grad), Design/Architecture
I started my higher education in community college and transferred out into a public university after two years. Now I am pursuing graduate school at a private university. My inspiration is bringing guidance and perseverance to students. Nothing is impossible when students set their mind to goals and receive the supports needed.



STEM Mentor
I was mentored by college students and teachers while I was in high school, and I was inspired to pursue STEM as a woman because of the many amazing mentors I was able to meet.



STEM Mentor
UCI, Computer Engineering
The main reason I am inspired to mentor students is to give back to my community. I began this process in middle school by providing tutoring through AVID. Using the knowledge and skills that I acquired at UCI, I would like to continue uplifting others in similar situations.



STEM Mentor
UCLA, Molecular, Cellular, & Developmental Biology
Being a first generation student made school really difficult for me. However, I eventually figured out how to navigate and succeed in school with the help of others. I hope to be able to bring what I have learned to those fellow first gen students.


Eric Estrada Oajaca

STEM Mentor
UCLA, BS/MA, Civil & Environmental Engineering
As a first generation, Latinx, and LGBTQ+ college student who was raised by immigrant parents from Guatemalan who only speak Spanish. I currently walk through UCLA’s campus as an exception to the norm. I want to be the person that I lacked as a child and inspire future engineers during my professional career.



STEM Mentor
UCSB, Sociology
Not all students are given the proper resources to thrive. I want to go back to my community and be a mentor the students can rely on in order for them to succeed - not just in academics but in life.



STEM Mentor
UNLV, Kinesiology & WesternU, Doctorate of Physical Therapy
What inspires me is so give back to my community and inspire other kids in similar situations to pursue their dreams. I hope to be able to support students through mentorship to share my knowledge and experiences with them.



STEM Mentor
My ultimate goal as a mentor is to use my experiences to provide guidance for any student so that they never feel alone or feel like they don't belong at their university. I would love to inspire them to pursue college and use myself as motivation that anything is possible even when it doesn't always feel that way.



STEM Mentor
CSULB, Business Marketing
Getting help from others made the transition from high school to college much easier and less scary. With all the information, tips, and resources I received, I hope to pay it forward to support other students in similar situations.

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Give to the STEM Mentoring Program

This program will focus on providing academic support as well as resources needed to navigate through the public educational system in preparation for success in college in STEM fields.

$20: Provides a high needs student with one mentoring/tutoring session
$100: Provides a high needs student with a month of mentoring/tutoring services
$1200: Provides a high needs student with a year of mentoring/tutoring services


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