Radical Reimagination of Inclusion, Science, and Education

RRISE UP shines a light on the power that we have to disrupt injustices and illuminate essential ways to inspire people, impact society, and protect our planet.

We seek to humanize spaces, support empowered teachers and leaders, provide opportunities and access for marginalized youth, and lead with integrity and respect for all people.

We act as catalysts to mobilize, galvanize, and deepen our collective understanding of justice and strength in numbers.

Together we RRISE for environmental, social, and economic justice.

If I could reimagine education

"I would introduce agency and justice starting in kindergarten."

If I could reimagine education

“I would make sure that each student in my class feels safe, seen, heard, and valued.”

If I could reimagine education

“I want to learn about the contributions of my people and how we are part of the fabric of America.”