Kelley Acacia
Dr. Acacia M. Warren has served as an elementary and middle school teacher, RtI expert, GATE coordinator, district coordinator, middle school administrator, university lecturer, and university administrator in California.
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Dr. Kelley T. Le is a First Gen and has served schools as a high school science educator, university lecturer, instructional coach, program designer and facilitator, and educational leader in California.
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Acacia's Thank You

Thank you to my parents, both First Gen success stories. You survived Jim Crow, systemic racism, and the Civil Rights era so I could live, think, and breathe more freely today. Your sacrifices inspire me to create my own magic and RRISE UP.

Kelley Acacia

Kelley's Thank You

Thank you to my mother who is my first teacher, role model, and family trailblazer. Thank you for your sacrifices, strength, and unconditional love. My love of science and learning come from you, and I'm so grateful to be the daughter of a fighter.