Radical Reimagination of Inclusion, Science, and Education

RRISE UP for Environmental, Social, and Economic Justice

Environmental Justice


of people across the U.S. believe that schools should teach about climate change causes, consequences, and possible solutions.
Economic Justice


Women of all races, on average, earn just 82 cents for every $1 earned by men of all races.
Social Justice


demonstrations linked to the Black Lives Matter movement across all 50 states and Washington, DC.


Our mission is to build an ecosystem of stakeholders to work collaboratively to create and amplify inclusive spaces for marginalized groups. We seek to increase access and opportunities for people, support capacity building, and to help individuals activate their agency in the process.


Our vision is to support empowered students, educators, and leaders to use their agency, lived experience, and cultural wealth to make meaningful changes in their schools, communities, and the larger planet. We build the capacity for stakeholders to RRISE UP for environmental, social, and economic justice.


Radical Reimagination of Inclusion, Science, and Education


The sea levels are rising
and so are we.


Teaching and learning are revolutionary acts.

Environmental Justice


Approximately 66% of U.S. Latinx people live in areas that do not meet the federal government's air quality standards.
Economic Justice


11 million children (1 in 7 kids) live in poverty in the United States.
Social Justice


anti-Asian hate incidents in the United States, mostly against women, in the past year.

Upcoming RRISEing Educator Events

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NAAEE 2021 Conference: The Power of Connection

Dr. Kelley Le will be presenting at this year's North America Association of Environmental Education virtual conference taking place from October 12-15. 

"The Annual Conference and Research Symposium will offer inspiring and thoughtful keynotes, a rich variety of workshops, symposia, traditional sessions, research panels, roundtable discussions, bright spots, and posters, along with great opportunities for networking, growth, and change. We look forward to connecting!"

Session Title: Supporting Secondary Science Teachers Taking on Global Climate Change Through NGSS

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Secondary Science Professional Development Series

This virtual secondary science professional learning series will focus on environmental literacy and climate science and change. We will also connect the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and Career Technical Education to the California Environmental Principles and Concepts (EP&Cs). We further aim to connect students with culturally relevant local phenomena to engage in science. Come and learn from experts in the field and collaborate with fellow educators to develop instructional resources for your classroom.

The project will launch with a fall kickoff event and ongoing workshops for collaboration and support will follow during the school year. A showcase of learning will occur in the spring. A stipend of $400 will be available to teachers who participate in all of the professional learning sessions and the activities in between. Substitute costs will be reimbursed.

STEM Mentoring Program

RRISE UP’s STEM Mentoring Program is designed to foster and partner first generation, BIPOC, low-SES students living in marginalized communities, who are currently in college, to mentor grades 6-12 students who share the same upbringing.

This program will focus on providing academic support as well as resources needed to navigate through the public educational system in preparation for success in college in STEM fields.

$20: Provides a high needs student with one mentoring/tutoring session
$100: Provides a high needs student with a month of mentoring/tutoring services
$1200: Provides a high needs student with a year of mentoring/tutoring services


First Gen RRISEr Scholarships

Support a First Gen student enrolling in college for the first time! The First Gen RRISEr Scholarships are designed to support students whose parent(s) did not complete a four-year college or university degree. The first round of scholarships are specifically for First Gen High School Seniors enrolling in college for the 2022-2023 school year.

We know that preparing for college and navigating through various educational systems can be daunting for First Gen students. We also know that a kind gesture goes a long way. Scholarships will be awarded to First Gen students who RRISE UP for environmental, social, and economic justice.

Upcoming Young RRISEr Events

Young RRIsers Action

Young RRISErs Taking Action

Call for Student Project Proposals! Calling all K-16 students who are ready to RRISE UP and take action on environmental, social, or economic injustices in your community. We are funding meaningful school and community projects up to $300! Send us a proposal for what you would do with the money and how it would make a…

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Young RRISEr Scholarships!

This scholarship is designed to support our young RRISErs. Scholarships are for students whose parent/guardian(s) did not complete a four-year college or university degree. We know that preparing for college and navigating through various educational systems can be daunting for First Gen students. We also know that a kind gesture goes a long way. Scholarships…

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Youth in Action Mini-Grant

We are funding up to $300 for top proposals on how you RRISE UP for environmental, social, or economic justice. Step 1: EngageLook for inspiring people or programs in your community that are already doing work that you care about. Step 2: Community MappingDig deep into your community. What is the problem you have identified?…

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Published Books

Project-Based Learning Across the Disciplines

By Acacia M. Warren

Plan, Manage and Assess Through +1 Pedagogy
*Get the book from Amazon

Teaching Climate Change for Grades 6-12

By Kelley Le

Empowering Science Teachers to Take on the Climate Crisis Through NGSS.
*Get the book from Amazon