Dr. Acacia Warren wrote an article for OpenIDEO entitled, “Enhance Collaborative Teaching, Learning, and Leadership with Inclusion Activities.” Inclusion activities are designed to include all voices in the room. They build community in a quick and lively way, with each participant contributing to the task. They cultivate equity, trust, and rapport and can range in time and complexity. Inclusion activities are best implemented before the start of a meeting, lesson, or lecture. They strengthen a system by placing “we-ness” and a collective sense of belonging at the center of learning. Easy to implement, they require intentionality in order to foster a culture of validation, appreciation, and respect for diverse voices and perspectives.  

Research says that inclusive education is about looking at the ways our schools, classrooms, programs and lessons are designed so that all students can participate and learn. Inclusion activities aid students (and adults!) in finding ways to develop friendships, relationships, and mutual respect for all people. Student participation is not something that is earned – it is a right that all students deserve. Inclusive education inspires educators to push the boundaries of what’s possible in classrooms and schools.

The article includes a slide deck (PDF) of several inclusion activities! Access the entire article here: https://challenges.openideo.com/servlet/hype/IMT?documentTableId=1297038313896596048&userAction=Browse&templateName=&documentId=503b74fe869dd817aa411c0e46dba13f